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We do End to End Service

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BMV Deals

We identify Below Market Value properties and instead of focusing on areas of the country where the property market is overpriced, we turn to those areas which have experienced future potential, depressed property values and social deprivation

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Invesment Buy & Sell

We are a One Stop Shop when it comes to property investment. We not only help you buy the right property at the right price,but also renovate it to a high standard, let it out and manage it in the future. We help landlords to build their portfolios fetching returns above 8+.

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Property Management

We let out your property after thorough checks on tenants, by way of landlord references and credit checks.We also manage your property for you in the future and ensure that regular inspections are carried out.

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We assist you in transforming a once uninhabitable house into a family home for tenants in a short amount of time.

About Us

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We are a business, investing in properties. We provide End to End service to our investors investing not only in investing in Below Market Value properties, but also refurbish them to highest standards adding value to the investment and let it out as managed service. We help investors build their portfolio fetching investment with 8% + Return On Capital Invested.

We  don’t  believe that being brave with your money is necessarily the best way to secure your long-term financial future.

That’s why  we have  experienced investors, undertaking extensive research into  markets UK wide, analysing every opportunity and assessing how it might fit into our time-tested investment strategies.

We believe this deep understanding, combined with our active-management style and consistent approach, helps us in our aim to deliver investment excellence to our clients.


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Understanding the language, culture and local market dynamics- seeing what is happening first hand rather than reacting to rumour or panic from behind a computer screen. There are many reasons why you might decide to invest. Perhaps to fund your retirement, pay for your children’s education or maybe it’s the potential of a getting a higher return than…

How can you invest in property?

Trational Buying

Buying a property that you live in is an investment, since you benefit from any increase in the property’s value over time. But you can’t live in more than one place at once. Let’s turn our attention for a moment to buying a domestic property that you intend to rent out – a.k.a. “buy-to-let”. With such an investment, you aim to make money in two different ways: through growth in the property’s value, and through rental income that exceeds any mortgage payments.

Alternates Being a Sophisticated Investor

knocking on heaven’s door , speak to our experienced property manager understand :

  • What suits you?
  • Things to consider before investing – Before crossing the threshold into property investing
  • WHY Neon prime Investment MAKES SENSE

    It’s safe to say that most investors seek long-term financial goals from their properties. While this may seem straightforward, managing a property to maximise profit is an endeavour that costs time and resources. If being a property investor is not your full-time job or if you have properties across locations, investing with us may just provide you with an easy alternative to achieving those long-term goals.

    Connect with us on connect@neonprime.co.uk and speak to one of NeonPrime’s Property Consultants to learn more about how we can help you with your investment property journey.